Millbrae Lodge Nursing Home

Newport, Co. Tipperary

About Us

About Millbrae Lodge Nursing HomeMillbrae Lodge Nursing Home is owned and operated by Seamus and Linda Carew. It is comprised of 81 beds (59 single and 11 Twin all En-Suite). We cater for both male and female residents of any age. We provide convalescent care covered by all private health insurances. However, our main focus is providing long term care for Older People.

Millbrae Lodge is roughly divided into three areas. The first floor mostly caters for those people with low or moderate care needs. The majority of our residents convalescing following hospitalisation are also catered for in this area. The ground floor caters for those people requiring a higher level of care. We also have a Special Care Unit where we can accommodate fifteen residents who may need a smaller and more secure unit due to their cognitive impairment.

We place great emphasis on creating a stimulating, warm and homely environment for all our residents, whether they be short stay, long stay or convalescing.
Each resident can exercise choice and control over his/her life and is encouraged and enabled to maximise independence in accordance with his/her wishes. We are continuously striving to maintain a safe environment for all our residents, ensure privacy and dignity while at the same time maintaining links for residents with family, friends and the community.

Nursing care is at the core of our philosophy and we continuously monitor all members of our nursing and care worker team to ensure the highest standards are always reached and maintained.